Terms & Conditions

1. Registration

By registering you agree to the terms and conditions of Frilingue.

2. Invoice

After the registration, within the next 5 days you will receive a registration confirmation and an invoice on a full amount which must be paid on the stated Frilingue bank account at least 30 days before the camp starts. The deposit of 200 EUR per participant must be paid within the next 10 days. With the confirmation and payment of your deposits, the definite participation is guaranteed.

3. Cancellation

The cancellation needs to be in the written form and sent to Frilingue. For the cancellation of the booked course we will charge a cancelation fee of 50 EUR per participant. If your cancellation is not at least 30 days before the start of the booked course, we will not refund the initial deposit of 200 EUR per participant. If the cancellation is received less than 15 days before the start of the booked course, we will charge the full amount.

4. Change of Registration

For the change of registration, we will charge an administration fee of 50 EUR per participant.

5. Termination

If your child for reasons of force majeure (illness, accident, etc.) needs to cancel the language course, we cannot refund you your payments, but we can offer you a place in our next camps with the same conditions.

6. Insurance

Insurance is the responsibility of participants.

7. Class Size

In order to respond to the student’s needs as more individually as possible, we guarantee a small class size between 4 and 8 teenagers. (In 2016, was an average of 5 youngsters per class). 

8. Liability

Frilingue takes responsibility under the duty of care for the content of the promised benefits. Liability is limited to the amount of the course fee.

9. Rights of the Organizer

We reserve the right to exclude students from the program without the right of refund if they in our opinion threaten other students in any way, repeatedly violate the rules, unduly consume alcohol or drugs or impede the regular course schedule.

For non - deposited and lost items or money we disclaim any liability.

10. Youth supervision

Frilingue does not guarantee 24 - hours monitoring of adolescents. If youngsters do not respect the prescribed time during their leisure (afternoons free, free evening night or Sunday), Frilingue disclaims any liability for accidents. Youngsters which do not comply with the prescribed time in the evening, will be given a single warning. If they violate the rule again, they will be sent home.

11. Photos and References

Photos and videos that we make during our activities, we will use for our brochures and for the other promotional activities. Parents who disagree must contact us in the written form.

Participants who have liked our holiday camps, we could use as a reference on our website. Potential clients could then contact them by email and ask them about their camp experience. Parents who disagree must contact us in the written form.

12. Place of Jurisdiction

Serbian law is applicable. 
Place of jurisdiction is Novi Becej (Serbia).

Frilingue DOO
Brigadira Ristica 4
23272 Novi Becej, Republic of Serbia
Tel: +381 (0) 69 73 16 77
Email: info@frilingue.rs