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Language study holiday for adults

Language stays for adults

"A different language is a different vision of life," Frederico Fellini.

We are all born with a language that largely determines our representations of the world and our ways of living, feeling and thinking. Our language forms and conveys an identity that is both personal and common. To learn a foreign language is to open oneself to other cultures, it is to learn to see life with another filter and to broaden your horizons.

Wither for love, for passion, for professional obligation or to take full advantage of your travels, the interest and motivation for learning a new language can come from a number of different directions - and fRilingue is here to help you find a travel and learning solution that befits your motivations, learning needs, timeframe and accommodation preferences.

fRilingue offers you different options depending on your age and your life goals. Do you want to learn English at a low price by pampering yourself on the Maltese beaches, or do you want to learn business English while enjoying the buzz of London?

Perhaps you want to learn German on the Hamburg canals? Or learn French while sunning it up on the luxurious French Riviera?

Maybe, you’d even like to put a twist on the yearly family holiday to Spain’s Costa del Sol, and learn the local lingo while you’re there.

As well as simply offering the rudimentary study, accommodation & leisure programmes, we’re also here to help you find language exeriences that venture beyond this; from aupairing, to internships and vocational experiences in a second language, our team is always happy to help you get to where you want to be, and under the conditions you want.

The psycholinguist, Frank Smith once said said, “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.” so why not start opening your doors today?


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1 Destination


Berlin DID

From 200 EUR

Age range
17+ Years
Host family - double room with breakfast, Host family - double room with half-board, Host family - single room with breakfast,
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Standard German Course low season
Intensive German Course low season
Standard German Course high season
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Course start dates
Courses start every Monday throughout the year, with arrivals on Sunday


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5 reasons to choose friLingue

Language Camps

12 Years

Nationality mix

friLingue is hugely popular in the domestic market as well as internationally, providing international and local Serbian students the opportunity to mix and exchange languages within the camp.


We place emphasis on a young, creative and motivated teaching body and an international atmosphere with volunteers from all over the world


Our camps are held in some of Serbian's most stunning and unique locations that will take your breath away!


Our young, creative and diverse group of teachers are encouraged to use more fun and interactive methods, making the language more accessible to each student.

Small class sizes

Our classes are held in small classes of around 6 students, providing more teacher-student contact that allows the teacher to focus upon the specific learning needs of each student.

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