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As every year, we announce new offers for winter and summer language camps by the end of October at the latest. Follow us:


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Although we are about to abolish the state of emergency and return to the "normal" life, it is necessary to introduce you to the prevention measures that will be applied during your stay at the language camps in Serbia for the additional safety of our students:

1. Social distance during the morning courses - Given that our groups are definitely smaller (6 to 8 students) and organized outdoors, it will not be difficult for our students to be within a safe distance.

2. Hygiene - Should we mention the importance of hand washing? Of course not! It is a habit that our students have acquired in their earliest childhood, and the care of hygiene at our camps has always been applied. It is only necessary for the participants (prior to their arrival to the camp) to be further informed of the changed rules, which will be submitted to the parents / guardians no later than 2 weeks before the start.

3. Disinfection - our wonderful hosts will regularly disinfect their catering facilities, which includes all enclosed (rooms and restaurants) and open (gardens and summer houses) spaces with associated inventory.





Due to the new situation, by the decision of the Ministry of Tourism, all tourist trips that should be realized by 15.05. are canceled, and the SUMMER SEASON IS NORMALLY REALIZED IN ACCORDANCE WITH PRE-AGREED ARRANGEMENTS!

In translation, camps in our organization (in Serbia and Switzerland) will be conducted in known terms:
Fruska Gora: from 28.06. to 01.08.2020.
Tamiski konaci: from 28.06. to 08.08.2020.
St. Bernard: from 28.06. to 11.07.2020.




Contact us for more information, please:
+381 (0)69 73 16 77